10 pounds gone is 3 weeks!

“I was skeptical that the weight would come right back. It always had with other weight-loss products I tried. But with NuLean the weight came right off and stayed off.”
— Hope

35 pounds lost in 12 weeks!

"I have more energy than guys half my age that I work with. My digestive problems went away completely. I don't crave sweets anymore, now I crave vegetables. I never thought I would say that, but it's true. That's what NuLean did for me."
—Joel Anderson

15 pounds and 18 inches forever gone!

“When every I did diets in the past the weight always come off in the wrong places. With NuLean it came off in the exact right places and it stayed off!”
—Karen Simpson

Love handles gone!

“I had a friend that had not seen me in three weeks. She saw me and her mouth dropped. She said, “You’re skinny!” What Have you been doing?” I told her I was doing the NuLean Cleanse.”
—Julie Stevens

25 pounds gone and it stayed off!

“I was surprised. I tried plenty of other diets and they never worked. With NuLean I lost 25 pounds and the weight stayed off. I’m ecstatic!”
—Land Melendy

25 pounds in 12 weeks!

"I lost 25 pounds in 12 weeks, and it has been 7 months (and counting) without any weight coming back."
— Dr. Craig Mix from Birmingham, Alabama

30 Pounds in 6 Weeks!

"I lost 30 pounds in six weeks with NuLean. My carb and sugar cravings diminished to nothing. My energy level soared. After trying so many other weight loss methods that did work I am so happy. I feel like to not only got my body back but got my life back as well!”
— Megan C. from Los Angeles, California

20 pounds in 6 weeks!

"It was eight weeks before my wedding and I couldn’t take the extra 20 pounds I was carrying. I was so desperate I was actually thinking about postponing the wedding. I just didn’t want to be a big girl on my wedding day. Then a friend called me and told me about NuLean. I tried it and lost seven pounds in the first week! encouraged, I continued with the program and five weeks later all 20 pounds was gone! The best news is it never came back!"
— Sky B. from Clearwater, Florida

Dropped 26 pounds in 14 weeks.

“I researched NuLean thoroughly before recommending it to my patients and found it was the best weight-loss program out there.”

Paula Malavolti lost 50 lbs with NuLean and has kept it off for two years.

Her energy level increased along with her mental clarity. She is healthier and more productive than ever. Paula and her husband, Dr. Jim Malavolti, routinely recommend NuLean to his patients.